Internet and Computer Based Faxing Second Edition

The Complete Guide to Understanding and Building IP and G3 Fax Applications

By: Maury Kauffman


BookThe Bible of the global fax industry: 460 pages, including 38 chapters, a glossary, and index, Internet and Computer Based Faxing, is divided into sections, including: Introduction to Internet and Computer Based Fax, Understanding Basic Telephony, Understanding Fax Technology, Fax Hardware: Intelligent Fax Boards, Internet Fax Strategies, Building Internet and Computer Based Fax Applications, Hiring Enhanced Fax Service Bureaus and Important Faxing Considerations.

Chapters include: The History of Fax, Why Internet Fax?, A Fax Board Is Not a Fax Machine, The Fax Image, The Complete Fax Call: T.30, Facsimile Standards, Routing, APIs, Computer Telephony Busses, Fax Modems, Building Fax Applications (LANFax, FOD, Fax Broadcasting) for SOHOs, Workgroups and Enterprises, Faxing Internationally and Fax Testing. This book is a complete reference guide to PSTN and IP fax technology.

Some of the companies highlighted in the book include: Applied Voice Technology subsidiaries: CommercePath and RightFAX, Brooktrout Technology, Cardiff Software, Castelle and its Ibex Technology division, Copia International, Dialogic Corp and its GammaLink division, FaxBack, FaxSav Inc., Natural MicroSystems, Omtool Ltd., Open Port Technology, Optus Software, Panasonic and Parity Software Development Corp.

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